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Up to 70% more energy-efficient than conventional heaters!

NRG Review are the authorised agents for Redwell Infrared heaters in Ireland. We supply infrared heating panels & systems for the home, industrial, retail & commercial market. These infrared heating panels are an ideal way to reduce your heating costs considerably. They also provide a very healthy form of heating.

Have a look at the incredible range of energy-saving heaters from Redwell. The full range is available from the menu to your left, the movie on your right, or from our picture gallery below.

All of our infrared heating systems - our flat heating elements, our heat spheres designed for ceiling installation, as well as our pillar heaters are energy efficient and environmentally sound when compared with traditional heating systems.

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We issue a warranty of 60 months on all infrared heaters. However, no unit has yet failed since manufacture began in 2000. They are easy to install and require no additional equipment, flues, fuel storage like traditional oil and gas heaters do. For the full range of buildings and installation benefits, Click here. There is also a range of health benefits that Infrared Heaters have over convection heating which makes them ideal for public buildings and health-related locations (e.g. hospitals & gyms).

Our products are TÜV, GS, CE, CSA (Canada and USA) and IGEF certified and are subject to the ecological materials test of the GSF.

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Yes, the blackboard really is a heater!