Redwell Testimonials and Reference Sites

Defense Forces Cathal Brugh Barracks, Dublin 6

The barracks has two Museum rooms that are housed in old stone walled buildings with no insulation or double glazed windows. These areas traditional have been very hard to heat.

Two ceiling mounted heaters were installed to each room in August 2010.

The rooms contain old military artifacts and it was important to choose a type of heating system that would not cause these to deteriorate over time. Redwell heaters do not change the relative humidity of the air, i.e. they don’t try the air out and hence will stop the artifacts from disintegrating.

We have also provided 12 heaters for a prefabricated building at another location in the Dublin Mountains.

Mid Terraced House In Inchicore, Dublin 8

Our house is over 100 years old.

Even with oil central heating it has never been warm and cosy until now. The reason for this is because we replaced the oil central heating with Redwell infrared heaters throughout the house and they are a constant source of heat and comfort no matter how cold or damp it is outside.

The beauty about this system of heat is that the pictures look great on the walls. What I love about them is the consistent heat. It's easy to get up in the mornings to cosiness. We have more floor space since we removed the radiators.

The only downside is that it is virtually impossible to know how cold it really is outside until you step out. Although I must admit, the heat of the house seems to remain with us so we don't go numb and tremble on exiting. The mirror heaters in the bathroom and shower room never steam up and look great.

We love the heaters and we are glad to reduce our carbon footprints. Our electricity is supplied by wind energy (Airtricity) so as well as being renewable, we save 13%. We have a dual tariff meter so we get to make substantial savings at night. (we only use the dishwasher and do laundry at night). As well as cost savings on the infrared heaters, another advantage is that unlike oil, we won't run out unexpectedly, and we don't have to hang around for deliveries! I believe switching to Redwell Infrared Picture Heaters is the best decision we have ever made!

H Nealon, 6/12/09

2nd Flr Large Open Plan Office, Inchicore Dublin 8

Work carried out by one of our sub distributors.

‘’Robert replaced 4 storage heaters in our open plan office (which was a very hard space to heat as one half of the building was all glass windows). Robert suggested an alternative heating system called Redwell Infrared Heating (ceiling and wall mounted panels). He emailed all the relevant details explaining how the system worked. He was very obliging and carried out the work at the weekends / evenings due to our office hours. His workmanship was of a very high standard, very efficient and neat. We are all very happy with the new system and it has made a big difference to the heating of the whole office. As soon as we have the budget we are hoping to get this system installed in other areas of our offices next’’

Jackie (Community Canal Partnership), 23/12/2011

CDVEC Pearse College, Dublin 12

We have installed 4 Redwell Power heaters suspended from the ceiling in the teachers Staff Room. The building is a 25 year old pre-fabricated structure with a large window expanse along one complete side and in the past has been very hard to heat.

The heaters were installed in August 2010

Mid Terraced House, Dolphin Rd., Dublin 8

A combination of Redwell heaters have been installed throughout the house. These consist of wall mounted pictures & mirrors and ceiling mounted round panel type heaters.

The house has no upgraded insulation and has had some double glazed windows installed.

The installation was carried out in July 2010.

Mid Terraced Cottage, Ross St, Dublin 7

A bathroom mirror heater was originally installed in November 2009 in a lean to badly insulated extension bathroom at the rear of the cottage. This room had been impossible to heat in the past.

In August 2010 a combination of Redwell wall and ceiling heaters were then installed in the down stairs living & sleeping areas.

Ballybryan National School

We installed Redwell Infrared heaters in our school in August 2008. We have found them to be a very comfortable and efficient form of heating, and are very pleased with them. As a result of their efficiency our heating bills have been reduced. Our school is committed to being environmentally conscious and we are happy that this form of heating is also improving our carbon footprint.

Stephen Darby (Principal)


While this type of heating is relatively new to the Irish market, Redwell heaters have been installed across mainland Europe, USA & Canada since 1998. Last year alone the Austrian manufacturer produces more than 25,000 heating panels for these markets.

In Germany alone in 2009 one of the distributors installed some 3,000 heaters in various residential, commercial and industrial applications. There are four distributors in German, so the total amount of heaters installed across Germany was far more.